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Activities - Courses: Skydiving Perth - Western Australia
Courses: Skydiving

W.A Skydiving Academy

WA Skydiving Academy Image


W.A Skydiving Academy
458 William St, Northbridge WA 6003
Freecall: 1300 13 78 55
International Callers - +61 89277 7200
Web Page:

5% off for bookings made through the Backpacking Around site on all first Tandem and AFF jumps. (Subject to Change)

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Brief Outline:

Experience the magnificent views of the West Australian coastline from a totally new perspective. Freefall at over 200km/hr, then quietly take in the 360 degree views from Perth to Bunbury while under canopy .. a sensation explosion!

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Jump Types and Pricing Tandem Jumps: (you do not have to do a Tandem Jump on your first ever skydive...check out the Accelerated Freefall information on this web site)

PERTH CITY TANDEM JUMPS: (Save the drive!)

Tandem Options - 8,000ft, 10,000ft and 12,000ft available. Priced at $330, $370 and $410 respectively and includes airport transfers.

Freefall video or DVD is available to capture the whole experience.

Available midweek and performed into beautiful Tompkins Park located next to the Swan River in Alfred Cove, half way between the cities of Perth and Fremantle.


Tandem from 6,000ft (10 seconds freefall) $240
Tandem from 8,000ft (25 seconds freefall) $280
Tandem from 10,000ft (35 seconds freefall) $320
Tandem from 12,000ft (45 seconds freefall) $360
Tandem from 14,000ft (50 seconds freefall) $400

Try and afford to go as high as you can but still be able to afford to get a camera flyer to go with you and film you.

Tandem Jumpers over 95kg:

$5 per kg over 95kg, up to a maximum of 110kg.

Other factors on any given day i.e. weather may prevent jumps being made with clients that are over 95kg despite other forms of jumps being able to be performed.

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Accelerated Freefall (AFF):

AFF stage 1 - $550Click Here to Convert your money

Price includes training, membership to the Australian Parachute Federation, Student Parachutists Licence, equipment, log book and the first skydive.

Each stage comprises of one jump from at least 10,000ft except stage 9 which is a low level orientation jump from 3,000ft.

A freefall video cameraperson is included from stages 4-8 to assist with your debrief on ground and becomes part of your log system.

PERTH CITY Licensed Jumpers*

10,000ft - $48, 12,000ft - $53, 14,000ft - $58. Airport Transfer bus available.

Great Souvenirs:

DVD - $120

The camera flyers capture the preparation, the ride up in the plane, the all important freefall as you are doing 200kmh through the air and the landing. A great way for you to re-live the experience later and a great way to show your friends what you have done. Photo's involve a whole roll of film and includes processing and mailing. Video is generally considered a better souvenir than just photo's, if you are only getting the one option, as the sound and moving images tend to be a more graphic reminder of the event. Available on all tandem packages and the Accelerated Freefall program.

The Ultimate Souvenir:

DVD and Photo's - $205
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These prices apply to individual bookings with variable discounts available to groups of 4 or more.

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Pricing Information:

A deposit of $50 is required for each named person on the booking and are subject to terms on the Booking Conditions page of this website.

NB: All jumps are subject to weather conditions and other factors which may affect the view, cause delays or cancellation. Delays or cancellations will be at the discretion of the Academy's Drop Zone Safety Officer (DZSO) and rescheduling will be performed when necessary.

Gift Vouchers are available for all of the services provided by the Academy and the conditions of use are stipulated on the "Booking Conditions" of

5% off for bookings made through the Backpacking Around site on all first Tandem and AFF jumps. (Subject to Change)

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Picture Gallery:

Tandem Jump - Skydiving in Perth

Skydiving in Perth

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