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Discount Excess Baggage


Discount Excess Baggage
Perth International Airport, Western Australia 6104
Phone: (08) 9275 8869; Fax: +61 8 9999 9999
Web Page:

Discount - 25% off the handling fee

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Excess Baggage from Perth to worldwide destinations or to destinations within Australia...

PICK UP IS FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!! (Perth metro area only by appointment)

Cheaper than airline excess baggage and cheaper than airline unaccompanied baggage rates!Drop off with us, or we can pick up your baggage after-hours

After-hours & pickup-up services available; unlike most other baggage companies

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Please complete the Enquiry Form if you require more information. Discount Excess Baggage will contact you within 48 hours.

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Important Facts

  • Unless otherwise stated, our service is airport to airport (you will need to arrange Customs clearance at destination)
  • You MUST NOT pack any items considered as Dangerous Goods for air carriage ; we will ask you to confirm this in writing when we collect your goods..heavy fines and prison sentences may be imposed if you send Dangerous Goods by airfreight..
  • A small document handling fee may be payable to the airline at destination ; we cannot advise you of the exact amount .
  • The person sending the baggage must provider current & valid photographic ID at time of lodgement. Please contact us for details
  • You MUST label all packages clearly with destination address.
  • It is helpful to keep a detailed packing list for your own reference.
  • We ask please that you lock and secure all of your packages.
  • It is important to advise us of exactly when you will arrive at your destination, so as to help avoid airline storage charges being charged to you on arrival.

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How long until my goods arrive?
How can I pay?
How can I secure my baggage?
Do you offer discounted rates for student or corporate baggage?
What are classed as "Dangerous Goods" and cannot be packed?

How long until my goods arrive?

After a security holding period , goods should arrive between 7 and 10 days after leaving your items with us..time varies depending on destination..

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How can I pay?

Cash, Eftpos, Mastercard, or Visa.

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How can I secure my baggage?

We ask that you secure your packages to your best ability ; we can supply numbered luggage seals if required. Common sense should prevail ; we suggest you pack only in cases/cartons/trunks of reasonable strength for the weight they hold. Please label all goods clearly with a destination address. We suggest a maximum weight of 30 kg per package for handling safety, and to minimize possible damages. While we are in possession of your baggage, your items will either be held in a Customs-controlled secure area, or with an international airline or their regulated handling agent.

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Do you offer discounted rates for student or corporate baggage?

Yes, on presentation of a valid student ID card, we offer a range of rates & services to the student community.. For corporate customers relocating their staff we can offer assistance with baggage movements, and in the movement of household effects (*conditions apply)

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What are classed as "Dangerous Goods" and cannot be packed?

Batteries (most types; Enquire with us for details if unsure)
Camping fuel containers (in almost all cases, these cannot be carried. You will have to settle for buying fuel at your destination)
Surfboard repair kits (the resin in these kits is highly flammable)
Bicycle repair kits
Wet suit repair kits
Corrosives such as acids, alkalis and mercury.
Security attache cases incorporating explosives and dye cartridges are forbidden
Machines with petrol powered engines (lawn mowers, whipper snippers, chain saws). These are not permitted as passenger's checked or carry-on baggage.
Fireworks, signal flares, sparklers or explosives (these are generally forbidden and in fact most Australian states require permits for the possession of fireworks)
Fuel, paints, lighter refills, matches
Drain cleaners and solvents
Spray cans, butane fuel, scuba tanks, propane tanks, CO2 cartridges
Self inflating life vests
Ammunition, gunpowder, mace, tear gas or pepper sprays are generally forbidden
Dry ice, gasoline powered tools, wet cell batteries and camping gear with fuel.
Radioactive materials
Infectious substances

Please note: The list above shows the most commonly recognised Dangerous Goods. Clients should check with us at time of their enquiry about any other potential dangerous goods which aren't listed.

This information is courtesy of The Civil Aviation Authority

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