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Backpacking Around's Mission Statement

Our Vision is to be the market leader on fun and adventure by providing new innovative ideas for backpackers coming to Australia. We will always continue to improve services for all our stakeholders and our brand will be seen as a friend to backpackers who are looking for fun and adventure.

Who are we?

Thanks for taking a look around at the website. I hope the information contained in the website has helped you find what you were looking for? If for some reason you think the information contained on the website is good or bad then let us know. We have a suggestion form that you can complete. There is always room for improvement isn't there?

The website officially started in April 1999 with only two people - Jeffrey Wai and Jacqui Luff. Both of us had experienced the life of a backpacker thus giving us a background on what backpackers wanted to really know. Also by listening to other backpackers we found out what information they needed to make their trip a better experience. With this in mind we started the website.

The Backpacking Around team would like to thank a few people who have put their input into designing this site: Mark Scholmann, Small Business Development Corporation, Russ Davis (SBDC), Western Australia Tourist Commission, James Tioro, Barbara Fitzgerald, Michelle Mccarten, Denis Robeson and if we have forgotten anybody, sorry.

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Telephone: (02) 9664 7000

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